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A Short Update

If you’ve been to this site before, you may notice that I removed the Technical Writing page. After little thought, I realized it wasn’t necessary. After all, I’m not trying to find a writing gig as a technical writer so why post my technical writing assignments?

Speaking of writing assignments, I’m not your person for term papers either. I received requests from college students in need of term papers. Here’s my theory on term papers; if I get the grade, I’ll write the paper. If the grade doesn’t contribute to my GPA, I’m not writing the paper.

Success Stories

I’m thinking of creating a “Success Stories” page (it could replace the Tech Writing page). Most of the comments I receive here on this blog are success stories of how my No Job for Mom blog has helped new freelance writers. I thank each and every one of you who took the time to stop by and share your thoughts, successes and motivation.

The Success Stories page won’t list any of my accomplishments. I’d like it to be a page where you get to share your success stories. If you know anything about me, a success story doesn’t mean writing a best-selling book. A success story could be finally getting up the courage to send a query letter or writing your first article for a content site. It’s all about successfully taking one step towards your goal.

That’s all for now. Happy Writing!!!

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