PayPal Phishing Email

I recently received an e-mail that was supposedly from PayPal explaining that due to customer complaints about unauthorized use of my online Paypal account, they needed to confirm my identity to remove a restriction placed on my account. Below is an image of the e-mail and its contents.

I was almost taken in because I had recently authorized a PayPal transaction and I thought this email was in response to the transaction. However, after reading the e-mail I placed my mouse over the hypertext link entitled “Click Here” and noticed the status bar on my web browser displayed a URL that was not related to PayPal. The URL was http//

That link and the spelling of words like ‘unauthorised’ raised a red flag. As a result, I did a quick Google search for ‘PayPal phishing’ and found Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Emails which gives instructions on what to do in the event you are the recipient of one of these PayPal phishing emails.

In accordance with their instructions, I forwarded the e-mail to They responded immediately and advised that I may still receive additional such phishing emails since they already have my e-mail address so be alert .

I’m writing this to advise other people to be careful when they receive these types of emails. It pays to enable the status bar feature on your web browser. If for nothing else, you’ll be alerted to the web address and domain that you’re being encouraged to visit. If the domain name does not agree with the contents of the e-mail, stop and do a little research first.

I was fortunate and the PayPal phishing scam didn’t work this time. However, not everyone is so lucky.

Be on the alert. Don’t let unscrupulous people compromise your good name and your credit!

That’s my two cents in on sticking with it.