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February 2012

Whitney Houston’s tragic death and society’s nasty habit of closing the barn door after the animals have all escaped has me on a new tear. It appears there will soon be an investigation into the how and why Whitney Houston was able to get her hands on so many prescription drugs. The prescribing doctors will [...]

Credit Cards

If we think long term, most of us wouldn’t be in the financial predicament that we’re in. Think about it. You get a new credit card; you go out and purchase a ton of items you had been dying to buy. Now that you have the items and a maxed out credit card, you’ve got [...]

Lottery vs. Savings

I know someone who has played the lottery for as long as I’ve known her. All tolled I’ve known this person for over 20 years. When I first met her, I didn’t notice how much she invested in the lottery. It wasn’t until about two or three years after knowing this person did I realize [...]