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In a society where beauty, youth, fame and money are glorified, it can leave the average Joe feeling like he just doesn’t measure up. The problem is not with the average Joe, but with our off kilter society. We’ve forfeited quality in order to have things bigger, faster and cheaper.

IdeasWe cannot change society, but we can change ourselves. As we change, we influence those around us.

My goal here on You + is to share ideas and information to get you to think about how you think. Once you become more aware of your thinking, you’ll begin to make changes in what you’re doing.

The information and ideas I share here are simple, basic and life enhancing. As I share ideas and information, I ask you to do your own research and decide if implementing these ideas will add to your life (You +).

This post comes from a blog of mine that I decided to discontinue. Instead of letting all of the content go into oblivion, I decided to capture it here.

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