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June 2013

The Shallows

The Shallows

The Shallows by Nicholas Carr The topic of The Shallows intrigued me. It’s a book about our increasingly shallow thought patterns as a result of using the internet. As a society we glorify busyness, multi-tasking and accomplishing several things at one time at the expense of deep thinking. We’re losing our ability to focus, concentrate [...]

Medicine Abound

Natures Apothecary

On my (+) Plus journey I discovered herbs. Not that “I” discovered herbs, it’s that I finally opened my eyes, ears and mind to the wonderment of herbs. It’s a long journey that all began when I decided to reduce my exposure to harmful chemicals in my immediate environment. This led me to using essential [...]


Now that I’m on the second half of life’s journey, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll take wisdom over education any day. With wisdom you can put education to good use. Education without wisdom is a sad state of affairs. The wise learn to learn. The educated are taught to learn. Have you ever [...]

Slow Down

As I travel along on my (+) Plus journey I keep reminding myself to use nature as a guide. In nature a little goes a long way. Nature does things slow, methodically and consistently. Just think of a seed. A tiny little seed has the potential to grow into something big. Gardeners and farmers understand [...]