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Deja Vu All Over Again

Published: May 23, 2006

Being a mature writer is a challenge. When I say mature, I'm not talking about my writing abilities. Those are forever evolving and always in need of improvement. When I say mature writer, I'm talking about my ever-increasing years and daily adventures in memory.Memory

In the past, when I had a great idea, I would hold on to it until I sat at my computer during my ‘writing time’. At that time I would explore, research and set my ideas to paper (or to word processor). Nowadays my writing process is entirely different. When I get an idea, I run at break-neck speed to the nearest computer, pen and paper, crayon and coloring book or just stick and sand to jot the idea down before it flees.

I try to keep a little pad and pen near me at all times. I’ve had quite a few great ideas and got a little smug with myself by waiting until I was through showering to jot the idea down. Needless to say, when I finally got to the paper and pen, I could only stare at the paper while I tried to will my brain to remember that great idea, to no avail. Too bad I can’t insert a new memory card when the old one gets a bit worn.

I now realize the meaning of deja vu. It’s remembering something that I long forgot.

For example, just the other day…er…um…what was I saying?

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