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Poops, He Did it Again!

Published: July 24, 2006

Okay, bad enough she wanted a dog and I whimped out and let her have one. You would think that after a year and a half Mutsky would figure out that the puppy poopie area is not inside the house?Poop

What gives, what am I doing wrong? The dog and I have a rather tenuous relationship. He sheds, I vacuum, he vomits, I clean, he eats human food, he gets diarrhea. Lovely relationship. I would say there’s a love – hate relationship, but that wouldn’t be accurate. There’s the dog – slave relationship. The dog eats poops and sleeps, I clean, vacuum and clean up.

We won’t mention the burnt grass spots in the lawn from where he pees. Why don’t they pee in the same spot and burn only one section of the lawn. My lawn looks like several alien spaceships had landed and left polka dots of burnt grass everywhere.

Now to the real crux of the matter. I’ve got this thing about poop. Changing my children’s diapers is about the max. I withstood their hazardous material because they were my children and I love them. Eventually they learned how to use a toilet.

Mutskie on the other hand…he just doesn’t get it. Several times a day we let him outside. He stands at the front door and stares wantingly to come back inside. Other times he just plain won’t go outside. What gives?

After coaxing him to go outside several times the other day (he reluctantly went), he then came inside to lay down. About an hour and a half later, the dog walks just past the living room, where the entire family is, and takes his poopie position and lays a huge one for all to see and smell.

Well, before I got a chance to post my two cents to the web, Mutsky really out did himself. Four times he went in the house. Since I can’t seem to get rid of the dog, I’m leaving. My next blog entry will be written from the van, because that is where I will reside until Mutsky leaves.

That's my two cents and I'm sticking with it!

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