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Reevaluate and Reinvent

Published: June 12, 2008

After taking a moment to look around at what has been happening on the internet, I realized that I was way behind the times. My original freelance writing website was just that, a website. A few static pages with a couple of links to articles I’ve written and websites I’ve created. It was never updated. It was barely visited.

Over time, as writing assignments increased, I had less and less time to make the necessary updates. It really was a rather pitiful site to look at.

In an attempt to modernize my look, I decided to use a blogging format for my freelance writing site. It’s so much easier to maintain and update, not to mention that it looks much better than the old site.

Every once in a while you’ve got to stop, reevaluate and reinvent yourself. Consider this change one of my many re-evaluations and reinventions. Welcome to my new Felicia A. Williams Freelance Writer’s blog.

This blog will be updated when time allows. Not to raise false expectations, this blog will have infrequent updates (hopefully). Frequent updates mean I don’t have many writing assignments and I’ve got a lot of time on my hands.

Have a look around. If you need to contact me, leave a comment or contact me in the e-mail provided on the About page.

About the Author: I am Felicia A. Williams, a wife, mom, grandma, writer and eternal student.

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