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Going Too Far with Cell Phones

Published: May 20, 2009

This morning I was awakened by the telephone. Since it is a weekday, my first thought was must be an emergency somewhere or my husband's office was closed or the kids didn't have school. Why else would my phone ring at 6:30 in the morning?

Cell Phone Surprise

I groggily answered the phone only to hear a female voice on the other end say, "Someone from this number called me."

What? I asked the young lady to repeat herself. She repeated "Someone from this number called me. My cell phone said I had a missed call."


Early Morning Cell Phone Call.

I calmly said to the young lady, "No one from this number has recently called you because the entire household is asleep and thanks to you we are now awake. What is your name?"

She apologized and hung up. I still didn't get her name, but if she's one of the girls that my teenaged son talks to. I'm extremely anxious to meet her and teach her a few things about common courtesy and cell phone etiquette.

Cell Phones Are Re-Writing the Rules of Etiquette

It appears that the common courtesy of not calling a number before a certain hour in the morning or after a certain time at night has gone out the window. With just about everyone owning a cell phone, cell phones have become the new etiquette guide. If someone receives a cell phone call, apparently that call becomes the most important thing in the world. It doesn't make a difference if one driving, dining out, grocery shopping, changing the baby's diapers or even sleeping.

What is the world coming to? There is a reason the phone is equipped with voice mail. If the phone isn't answered within a certain number of rings, the caller can leave a message. If it's really important, the caller will try again later.

Cell Phone Popularity Contest

My daughter shakes her head in disgust and a little embarrassment because I have so few people listed in my cell phone contact list. Apparently, there is a status of having a huge list of contacts to call. Exchanging cell phone numbers upon making a new acquaintance is more common than shaking one's hand.


Forgive me, for being old school, but I don't want to give my cell phone number to everyone I meet. I also don't want to clutter my contact list with the names and numbers of folks that I've only met once.

In my advancing years, if there's not a face attached to a name, I won't remember who the heck the person is. Why add the potential for a major gaffe by adding a name to my contact list where I might inadvertently call the wrong person and tell them information that they didn't need to know.

Cell phones are great for emergencies. Otherwise, I find them to be an intrusive noise.

That's my two cents and I'm sticking with it!

About the Author: I am Felicia A. Williams, a wife, mom, grandma, writer and eternal student.

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