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Following Pudding Blogs

Published: June 22, 2011

Internet blogs are a dime a dozen. There are some that are very good and of course, there are those on the opposite end of the spectrum. The one thing I look for when I review blogs is whether or not the blogger is stating an intention or reporting results.

Proof in the Pudding

I tend to like results-oriented blogs. Talk is cheap and anyone can list her intentions but most people don't follow through. Blogs mirror real life. Think about it. How many times have you decided to start a diet, begin a fitness program or even keep your car clean? Did you stick with it or are you going to make the same resolution next Monday? Your intentions were golden but your actions were either lacking or inconsistent.

Blogs are no different.

Successful People and Results

Folks can’t report results if they don't exist. You can only share your results if you have gone through the fire and come out the other end. Results, whether good or bad, are the end product of repeated and sustained action. When I come across a blog of someone who has attained and maintained his goal, I become a fan.

A Little of Both

Sharing intentions is not a bad thing as long as there is a mixture of intentions and results. If you have a proven track record of attaining your goals, there is a higher probability that when you set a goal, you’ll achieve it. Folks become interested in people with proven track records. The public wants to know (and emulate) your beginning steps, your stumbles, your motivation and your ultimate success.

The proof is in the pudding so I only regularly follow pudding blogs.

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