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I Am Enough

Published: August 15, 2013

I Am Enough

What do you see when you look in the mirror (dumb question)? If you're able to see the reflection, you should see you.

Guess what? You are enough. You are sufficient. You have what it takes. You are responsible for getting yourself to where you are right now. You may or may not have had help, but you made it to right here and now. Congrats to you!

It took me a long time to understand that I was enough. I kept thinking of myself as less than or not good enough. It wasn't until I began accepting myself that I realized I was enough. After coming to that conclusion, I then came to the realization that if I added a little this or a little that, I could be downright awesome! I'm a work in progress and it is my guess that you are too.Something New

This place on the Internet is my place of encouragement. I intend to encourage you and me to add a few pluses to our already enough. You + (Plus) is all about adding a little more. Imagine where you would be if you added a little more education, a little more physical activity, a little more introspection, just a little more experimentation or even a little more relaxation.

You + (Plus) is all about adding a plus to the already acceptable, beautiful you (with all of your quirks and idiosyncrasies). When it comes down to the final analysis, all you have is you and your beliefs. If you believe you can add just a little more to you, your possibilities are endless.

The world is constantly changing. You have the option of resisting change or creating change. I don't know about you, but creating my future sounds more exciting than being forced to live in a future created by someone else.

Who am I? I am Felicia A. Williams. I'm a wife, mom, grandma, writer and eternal student

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